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In the heart of a unique landscape

also rare cultural and historical aspects.

The house where we created our restaurant, in 1584, was the birthplace of Daniel Zen, the first and only Ladin prince-bishop. This dwelling is located in "Somvig", an ancient name indicating a solitary position at the top of the village, for a breath of serenity just a few minutes from the centre of the town, and a front row seat to the surrounding mountains. From "Sas da le doudesc e da le undesc", the Latemar and to complete the picture, the Roda de Vael and the mountains of the Catinaccio-Rosengarten group.

Other cultural curiosities which enrich Val di Fassa are partly collected in the Museo Ladin de Fascia, a few minutes away from us. A copy of the original portrait of Prince-Bishop Daniel Zen can be found in the restaurant hall.


The fassa valley

in brief

The Daniel Zen house is located in Fassa Valley, in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In such a rich and breathtaking environmental context, both in summer and in winter and in mid-seasons, we are right in front of the departure of the Catinaccio-Rosengarten cable car in San Giovanni di Fassa.

Alpine landscapes, hospitality, culture
These are the keywords that describe the Fassa Valley, the ideal destination for a regenerating and alternative holiday on the snow and beyond.

Attica Restaurant Template
Attica Restaurant Template

Crepaz & Pellegrin family

Tradition and hospitality

The house is also our home, the daily life where takes place the backstage work of all what we offer to you. Two of the nine siblings of grandfather’s Luciano Pellegrin family take particular care of this history and values: Natalina with the restaurant and hotel, and Giovanni with beekeeping. Just a few meters away are the other siblings who run the Pellegrin Butchery, con lavorazioni moderne dei gusti più tradizionali. with modern processing of the most traditional flavours. The family spirit and the desire to cooperate create synergies that support our small business in every way.


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