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bees are a serious matter for us

homemade tradition

The Daniel Zen beekeeping business was revived by Giovanni in 2014. Behind the scenes, the history of this passion goes back many years. In fact, his grandfather Battista built his first apiary "l bait da le af" in the early 20th century, located in front of the historic home of Prince-Bishop Daniel Zen.

Having rediscovered the books that guarded the secrets of his grandfather's trade, Giovanni has taken up the tradition, continuing it in a new activity that tells of an age-old love for nature and an important insect like bees, a symbol of nature and a metaphor for industriousness. This is how Daniel Zen Beekeeping was born, to preserve the stories of the past with an eye to the future. We are keen to enhance our land and environment, rediscover a passion that we have inherited and present you with the natural products that come from it.

Our honey and natural personal care

Organic, eco-friendly and natural

These three words summarise the processing of products from Daniel Zen beekeeping. We only use high-quality, home-grown products (organic), respect for the environment is paramount (eco-friendly), and our products are certified organic. We decided to focus on a few product varieties to ensure high quality: honey, face creams and propolis supplementation.

The face creams are specially designed for facial skin, combining the right mix of honey and natural active ingredients. Propolis products, on the other hand, are designed to make full use of the many qualities of propolis, about which you can find out more here (link to product menu). For complete personal care, we have also decided to make a syrup for the respiratory tract, the beekeeper's syrup.

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